instagram: @zaktebbal

twitter: @zaktebbal




Zak Tebbal is a very good graphic designer and illustrator. Uhhhm he shamefully graduated without honors from the school of visual arts in 2015. Since then he has been working with some amazing OG designers such as Rodrigo Corral, Paul Sahre and Gail Anderson.



Clients include The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Lucky Peach, New Directions, Heineken, Steven Alan, SVA, FSG, Penguin Random House, Criterion Collection, Abrams and others.


Featured on the fader, dailymail, mtv news, i-D, complex and a few other places, one was in japanese so that's impressive as hell


He has some awards, a TDC award maybe (probably) and I think a Communication arts one too? i dno, they were entered for me, i'm not tryna pay for awards lol.